Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Earn Extra Income - Prepare Tax Returns

Want to earn extra income from part time work? Then become a Tax Preparer. It's quite easy and you don't need a diploma or degree!

You can start by doing a tax course conducted by companies like H&R Block or ITP. The course usually starts around February in Australia and runs for 16-17 weeks until June (there are 1 x 3hr session per week).

theKimsta.comIf you are able to complete the course successfully and get pretty good marks for the assessments then you have a good chance of being offered either full-time or part-time work preparing tax returns with the company conducting the course.

Another benefit is that you will be able to prepare your own tax returns and also help your family and friends with theirs so that you and they can save money by not having to go to the accountant, you might be able to make a bit of extra money too.

Knowing how to prepare tax return professionally is a great skill to have as it is never outdated and it is required by everyone every year that has an income. So lots of opportunity exists there. And everyone can do it!

I am about to start such a course next week with H&R Block. My goal is to get part-time work with them once I finish the course. So, it will keep me quite busy for the next few months! But sounds like a good challenge.


Anonymous said...

Small steps lead to big steps...
Sounds like you are already on the way to becoming a millionaire oneday =)
Good luck!