Thursday, 28 February 2008

How To Live Rich

by Nicola Ruiz from Forbes.Com

When the middle-class millionaire wants to wow her, he buys a diamond. Only the millionaire buys the rarest stone, one no one else will have.

On his travels, the millionaire goes where no one can find him--to an exclusive island resort featuring $185,000 fractional memberships in luxury vacation homes.

And at home, he relaxes not before the plasma TV but in his $150,000 yoga room where he receives massages while gazing at a Japanese-inspired garden outside.

These kinds of expenditures are becoming increasingly common among the fast-growing class of "middle-class millionaires." Sixteen-and-a-half million Americans representing a little over 8% of U.S. households fall into this group, which controls almost two-thirds of the country's wealth. They are baby boomers with a median age of 58 who obviously listened to their mother's advice to get a good education and settle down--because three-quarters earned a bachelor's degree and 82% are married...

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KhL said...

Article should be titled "How to Live Poor"

Atsmik said...

You can live like that when you have money to burn :P