Friday, 14 March 2008

Success - Is It Luck Or Attitude?

This article was written by Joe Lee of Millionaire Idea.

"Maybe my millionaire neighbor is lucky", "He is so lucky that he landed that millionaire dollar contract." Did you ever have such thoughts about someone who is successful? Maybe you do not have this thought, and that's good news. Why good news? Because then you would not have wait years for your luck to drop from the sky, you can make things happen - you can CREATE LUCK.

Do you believe that success is caused by luck? Yes, I believe! Is it true that successful people has good attitude? Yes, absolutely! Success is created by luck; and luck is created by good attitude.

Having good or positive attitude is actually one of the major keys to success. Having a positive attitude turns bad situations around it, it finds solution in problems, and it seeks opportunities in crisis. Some people sees crisis as problems, some find opportunities in them. This is the difference between successful people and not successful people.

In the year of 2003, SARS hit Asia. People die of the sickness; people dare not go out of their houses. The usual busy shopping mall became a ghost mall; the airport was empty with only the people on duty. The economy of Asia was badly hit. However, still there are people who make lots of money from the crisis. At the same time, there are many people who complains about the economy, no customers etc. Good attitude turns the negative into positive, it just depends if you want to control your attitude.

Having a good attitude is just a matter of choice. You can change it within seconds. You can sit around to complain everything, or you can stop complaining and say, "Hey, what good can I make out of this situation?" When you start asking this question, your mind start to shift, your energy changes, your emotions turns for the better. Your mind will start looking for the good things and you find yourself feeling great. Successful people always feel great about themselves.

Luck happened to you when you have a positive attitude. By turning situation around, you are creating LUCK at the same time. You create the condition for Luck to fall on you. One warning to you; prepare yourself well before luck befall on your knee. Most people wasted their time away without mentally preparation, and when luck falls onto them, they don't know what to do with it, therefore allowing luck to slip by.

Prepare yourself well so that when luck falls, you have the wisdom to capitalize on it. It takes a good attitude to prepare yourself.

You asked me if success is caused by luck or attitude. I say both.