Thursday, 24 April 2008

Dr Demartini's The Secrets to Financial Mastery Seminar

Dr John Demartini is the best-selling author of the book and DVD called "The Secrets". Almost everybody I know has heard of this book. Well, he is going to do some seminars in Australia and I've been lucky to win some free tickets to see him on 29th April! That's pretty cool I reckon, as the tickets are worth $595 each.

From the promotion material below, it sounds good. Hopefully, I can learn a few ideas and secrets from this guy. Anyway, I'll write a post to summarise what I learnt from the seminar after next week.

The Secret of Financial Mastery

"In May 2008 ... For One Day Only
'The Secret' Teacher Dr John Demartini Will
Be In Your City For One Very Special Purpose ...

... To Teach You How To Attract Wealth And Freedom Into Your Life By Using The 'Missing Secrets' That Were Not Revealed In The DVD!"

This is unlike anything you've seen before. It's not another share trading ... property investing ... network marketing ... online business or any other type of 'wealth' seminar.

This exclusive seminar is about teaching you how to use the most powerful wealth creation tools that exist ... the universe and your mind ... to attract wealth and freedom into your life fast (even if you've attended other wealth creation events but nothing has worked). Read on and discover ...

  • How to develop the same 'millionaire mindset' the world's wealthiest people use to amass huge fortunes (and how to train your brain to attract wealth to you).
  • The 'Missing Secret': A simple tweak that puts the 'Law Of Attraction' on steroids and allows you to attract wealth into your life effortlessly (what The Secret did not reveal)
  • How to remove your hidden beliefs about money that are sabotaging you from ever achieving the financial freedom you desire

And much, much more!

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