Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Free e-Seminar: "Mastering Your Destiny"

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“My name is Scott Harris & welcome to this e-Seminar”

As Tony Robbins says, “we really can be more than we think we can”, and his flagship event Date with Destiny® is about discovering within each of us, our ultimate purpose and potential. It’s about becoming committed to defining the person who is all you can be and… being that person.

Form the unique perspective of an extensively experienced Tony Robbins trainer who has undertaken the full Date with Destiny® participant’s process, these insights will help you consolidate the steps that take you to an extraordinary quality of life.

For all Date with Destiny® Graduates, this will be a review of an extraordinary experience – for others, it will be a revealing introduction to what is possible with ‘Mastering Your Destiny’.

STEP 1: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD your ‘Mastering Your Destiny’ e-Seminar workbook – it’ll be a great help in capturing notes and thoughts as you listen to Scott

STEP 2: CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to ‘Mastering Your Destiny’ e-Seminar - available from 5pm AEDT, Wednesday 23rd April 2008.

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