Monday, 7 April 2008

Increase Income Stream: Internet Research Job

I recently started a part-time job with a local company that involves working from home.

The job requires doing research on the Internet to find particular pieces of information that is related to an assigned category, such as "Property Builder" in a particular country.

The rate of pay is 5 cents for every piece of relevant information found. After one week on the job, I have been able to find over 4,000 pieces of information, which is worth over $200. Not bad for a few hours of work on some nights of the week and from comfort of my own home.

If I can constantly earn this much every week from the job, it will effectively supplement my main salary by an extra 15%, that's around $800 per month. It is similar to getting a pay rise in a way.

This new job is part of my strategy to increase the number of income streams. Basically, the more income I can get, the more I will be able to save, which can then be put into investments that produces further income through capital growth, dividends and rents.

If you are lucky enough to have a few hours of spare time at home each week, it might be a good idea to convert it into income-producing time through home-based, part time work. If you search on various job sites and the Internet, you will find there are quite a few online jobs that could be done such as paid typing jobs, completing Internet surveys, and Internet marketing.

Once you start to earn more, it is important not to increase your spending as well. Instead, put it into good use through investments that will increase your assets and not your liabilities. This is a sure way to become wealthier, albeit slowly.


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